Gold Au $1808.40 $5.42
Silver Ag $19.96 $0.19
Platinum Pt $893.20 $0.89
Palladium Pd $1969.00 $-19.00
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What Do We Buy?

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Gold Cash

We offer FREE appraisals in store and over the phone for your items. There is no obligation to sell. We offer TOP PRICES

If you are wanting to sell and unsure if your items are authentic, please bring them to one of our locations and one of our professional specialists will assess them.


Unlike many dealers, we will buy your ENTIRE collection, not just the good stuff!

Coins, Currency, and Bullion

We purchase all types of United States and foreign coins, currency, and bullion; both old and new.
Value is evaluated by four criteria: condition, scarcity, content, and demand.

Jewelry, Diamonds, and Vintage/Luxury Watches

We purchase gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, even if it is broken. We also purchase individual diamonds over 1 ct. Watches are valued based on condition, scarcity, brand, and demand.

Sterling Silver Sets

We purchase sets that can include flat wear, plates, bowls, trays, cups, pitchers, and candelabra.


Trusted Certifications and Memberships

Southern Precious Metals Exchange is a member of all major coin and precious metal organizations including:

  • American Numismatic Association
  • Blue Ridge Numismatic Association
  • Florida United Numismatists
  • Georgia Numismatic Association
  • Mississippi Numismatic Association
  • Tennessee State Numismatic Society
  • North Carolina Numismatic Association
  • South Carolina Numismatic Association
  • North America Collectibles Association

We are also authorized dealers for the two major grading services: